Cybersecurity Consulting

Just suffered a breach?   Concerned that you are spending too little or too much on cybersecurity, or worried about effectiveness of your current approach?

We can help you manage the most complex environments and situations with proven expertise across many industries and government.  Our network of resources means you can get just the help you need, when you need it.

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IT Governance

Most organizations today are part of a complex ecosystem of internal and external resources, information supply chains, hybrid technology platforms and challenging regulatory and governance environments.

We can hep sort through the clutter and provide expert help to establish effective and responsive governance tailored to an organizations specific needs.

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Crisis Managment

When a crisis occurs, many organizations just don't have the experienced resources available to handle the many additional workloads that may be required to effectively deal with the situation.

Whether it is technical, legal, PR, operational, staffing, contracting, or strategy and planning, we can help you manage through all of the stages of a crisis, and support your teams through the process.   Our experience in public and private sector crisis management can help you minimize risk, and avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes which are often the consequence when internal staff are overloaded and/or inexperienced.

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